Thursday 6th July 2017

I find Paul more attractive day after day.

Full moon is shining proud and bright over the city. Three months after my last period, I am bleeding again.

Things are starting to unfold. For an instant my world makes sense. I am a woman of my own right, what a feeling! Today I am regaining control of my body. Soon I will regain control of my world.

Tonight, I am watching the story of the camel lady*, an account of a woman’s obstinacy and resilience in her search for freedom and wilderness. I am inspired and touched. The DVD was a post-abortion present from Paul, a considerate, carefully selected gift from a man who has been my best friend, lover and confident.

There is a van waiting, conversion work to be done and many adventures to be had.

* Tracks by John Curran, based on Tracks by Robyn Davidson