May Day

Monday 1st May 2017

Spring is in the air.

We are taking the van and ourselves on a little adventure in Somerset. It’s a good excuse to practice my driving on a right-hand-drive Ford Transit that I have just purchased and renamed Baba Yaga.

We park at the bottom of Quantock Hill. I suddenly feel exhausted, as if a HGV had parked on my shoulders, head crushed on the steering wheel. I micro nap in that position for a little while and we eventually make our way to the hill. “It must be my period coming”, I tell myself.

We walk through wind and rain and receive a warm welcome from the Sun as we reach the top.

Typically unpredictable British weather.

From the top of the hill the view is magnificent. I can see Glastonbury Tor, the Coast of North Somerset, Wales, the Gorges and the beautiful valley beneath us.

I sit down. Paul sits by my side.

One day my van conversion project will have turned into reality and I will hit the road.