Thursday 1st June 2017

We went to the little Italian restaurant last night and I ate for two.

I am now in the bedroom, reading the leaflets and packing my bag.

Vacuum aspiration abortion under general anaesthetic. You must not eat anything from midnight. Have a bath or shower before coming in and do not wear any makeup, nail varnish or jewellery. You must arrange for a responsible adult to collect you from the hospital and stay with you that night. For most women abortion is safer than carrying a pregnancy and having a baby. Damage to the cervix happens in no more than one in every 100. Up to one in ten women will get an infection after an abortion. Following a general anaesthetic, you must avoid certain activities for 24 to 48 hours. Do not boil the kettle, sign a check or other documents, cook using heat. In the weeks after an abortion you should seek urgent treatment if you develop any of the following: lower abdominal pain, a smelly discharge and/or a fever.

Staff will not judge you. They will treat you with respect. The decision about whether or not to continue with a pregnancy is difficult. The staff will be supportive of women who may have conflicting emotions.

Paul is making sleepy tea. I am not ready to say goodbye yet.